3 Best Programming Languages to Master in 2019

Programming Languages

It’s always advisable to learn how to code. The salary is good and there’s no scarcity in job opportunities. In an increasingly digital society, it pays to know about programming languages. But which ones should you master first? Here are our top picks for 2019.

1) Python

If there’s one language that’s at its peak in terms of popularity, it’s Python. Its growing appeal can be attributed to a variety of factors. For one, you no longer have to end statements with semicolons. Second, its object-oriented design works with a capable framework to improve the speed of apps.

In addition, its syntax is minimalist in such a way that non-programmers can easily understand the code. Beginners can also go through the coding guidelines to learn the whole format. And if they need more help, there are many developers willing to provide suggestions and assistance.

Python is gaining traction as companies and researches alike are banking on machine learning and data science. There is a lot to gain from big data as more people use social media and businesses undergo a digital transformation. And if Python merges with the R programming language, it will continue to lead in the aforementioned fields.

2) Java

Java is an old programming language, but it’s still a top choice for many developers. Why? It’s because of the Java Virtual Machine (JV). Developers spend days, weeks, and even months on end ensuring that the app is working properly. If a client wants the same app to work on a different device, they often have to make an entirely new version of the app code.

But with JVM, the code could work on a variety of platforms and gadgets. Your app will work well on a laptop as well as on a tablet or even a smart appliance. Big companies can rely on Java to deploy their software on Windows, Android, and iOS with relative ease.

3) JavaScript

It’s nearly impossible to go around the city and not see a business that doesn’t use JavaScript. Senior developers know just how versatile the language is. You can choose among a number of frameworks such as Ember, Backbone, Aurelia, and Polymer to help your client design their ideal application.  

Likewise, React and Angular are ideal frameworks for web-based apps. Just don’t forget to troubleshoot VPN connection if you want to protect the service and its users online. And for backend developers, there’s always the Node JavaScript framework.

Apart from these three, you can also try learning other programming languages such as Ruby, C#, and PHP. What’s important is that you dedicate enough time to fully understand their functions.